Friday, August 2, 2013

City Candidate Info

I received today an email, with lots of detail to read,  Excellent reading material to spend time in the evenings.

8/2/2013 Eastland Mall project timeline, process and next steps

8/1/2013 Electronic candidates' briefing packet, Quality of Life Study, City Council Minutes

7/9/2013 Airport Authority - Mayor Kinsey letter to Rep. Ruth Samuelson

7/9/2013 Airport Authority - Resolution adopted June 10th

7/9/2013 Airport Authority - June 25th City Council Statement and Evaluation

other issues
  • Capital spending
  • Street Car
  • Transit
  • Same-Sex Benefits
  • Construction Regulations
  • Affordable Housing
  • Airport Control
  • Business Incentives
  • Uptown Incentives
  • Convention Center
  • New Baseball Stadium
  • Panthers Stadium

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